An alternative to Botox! Reduces muscle tension and facial wrinkles by relaxing skin.

Malacella Bellaspheres

Lifts and smoothes lines, reduces muscle tension and facial wrinkles, combats daily stresses, and protects skin against free radicals

Skin Cycles

Skin cycles are dynamic and work on a 24-hour clock. Harmonizing with this cycle is crucial in order to introduce specialized targeted ingredients at the appropriate rate to achieve optimum absorption and sustain delivery of the beneficial actives for maximum results. Ifintroduced too quickly, active ingredients can’t be fully absorbed by receptor cells and skin can become reactive. If introduced too slowly, maximum concentrations of beneficial compounds can’t be achieved.


Day to Night

Bellaspheres containing our perfectly paired ingredient complexes, begin their targeted journey to the source of skin aging in a two-phase cycle that syncs with skin’s natural rhythm. From first application and over the course of the first 24 hours maximum absorption is achieved. Peak potency is then sustained when the cycle is repeated. Sustained release assures the highest concentrations are maintained for optimal skin benefit

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