What a Cosmic weekend! We drove our cosmic glow lights all the way from Kentucky to Maryland for the second annual Monster Glow Dash in Mechanicsville, MD. Two nights of neon fun run madness and we shot some of the best glow photos we’ve ever shot. In fact, we put on one of the best neon glow runs of our companies career so far…and we can’t wait until next year when we can put on a mountain of glow runs because now we have the lights that make the events blow up!!!

Here are samples of what the neon run was all about. They put on a monster scary night on Friday and a Neon glow fun run for everyone else on Saturday. One thing we did was to light up almost two kilometers of running trail with our mobile glow lights. We set them up during the day, then turned them on right before the event with our remotes. Mobile and remote controlled glow lights make producing night events of all kinds super easy. It was perfect and here are the shots to prove it.

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glow run lighting through the woods

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glow lights in actiona in Maryland


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